UPDATED: Angular 11 and TailwindCSS 2

Create Your Angular App

ng new tailwindcss-angular-app

Set Up TailwindCSS

Install dependencies

npm install tailwindcss -D
npm install @angular-builders/custom-webpack postcss -D

Create webpack.config.js

function patchPostCSS(webpackConfig, tailwindConfig, components = false) {
console.error('Missing tailwind config :', tailwindConfig);
const pluginName = "autoprefixer";
for (const rule of webpackConfig.module.rules) {
if (!(rule.use && rule.use.length > 0) || (!components && rule.exclude)) {
for (const useLoader of rule.use) {
if (!(useLoader.options && useLoader.options.postcssOptions)) {
const originPostcssOptions = useLoader.options.postcssOptions;
useLoader.options.postcssOptions = (loader) => {
const _postcssOptions = originPostcssOptions(loader);
const insertIndex = _postcssOptions.plugins.findIndex(
({ postcssPlugin }) => postcssPlugin && postcssPlugin.toLowerCase() === pluginName
if (insertIndex !== -1) {
_postcssOptions.plugins.splice(insertIndex, 0, ["tailwindcss", tailwindConfig]);
} else {
console.error(`${pluginName} not found in postcss plugins`);
return _postcssOptions;
module.exports = (config) => {
const tailwindConfig = require("./tailwind.config.js");
patchPostCSS(config, tailwindConfig, true);
return config;

Modify angular.json

ng config projects.<your-project>.architect.build.builder @angular-builders/custom-webpack:browserng config projects.<your-project>.architect.build.options.customWebpackConfig.path webpack.config.jsng config projects.<your-project>.architect.serve.builder @angular-builders/custom-webpack:dev-serverng config projects.<your-project>.architect.test.builder @angular-builders/custom-webpack:browserng config projects.<your-project>.architect.test.options.customWebpackConfig.path webpack.config.js

Initialize TailwindCSS

npx tailwind init

Inject Tailwind’s Styles

@import 'tailwindcss/base';
@import 'tailwindcss/components';
@import 'tailwindcss/utilities';

Test it Out!

<h1 class="my-8 text-center text-6xl font-bold"><span class="text-green-600">TailwindCSS</span> and <span class="text-red-600">Angular</span> is awesome!</h1>
<p class="text-center text-3xl">Thanks for reading!</p>

Bonus: Purge Unused TailwindCSS Classes

Bundle Without Purging Unused TailwindCSS Classes
npm install dotenv -D
+const enablePurge = process.env.ENABLE_PURGE || false;
module.exports = {
- purge: [],
+ purge: {
+ enabled: enablePurge,
+ content: [
+ './src/**/*.html',
+ './src/**/*.scss'
+ ]
+ },
theme: {
extend: {},
variants: {},
plugins: [],
Bundle With Purging Unused TailwindCSS Classes

Final Thoughts




Full-stack software engineer specializing in web and mobile development. Always learning new things. “There is no growth in the comfort zone…”

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Jacob Neterer

Jacob Neterer

Full-stack software engineer specializing in web and mobile development. Always learning new things. “There is no growth in the comfort zone…”

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